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He Texts Me But Ignores Me In Person

March 25, 2009 by  
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He Texts Me But Ignores Me In Person
[ He Texts Me But Ignores Me In Person ]


Dear Kip,

In my high school there is a guy that I really like and he recently started texting me. So far we texted each other 3 different times and all of times we texted each other for about 2 hours. He told me that I’m hot and cute but when I see him in the halls in school, he always looks at me and then quickly looks away. He’s always the first to start a text conversation, but he won’t talk to me in person! He always seems to avoid me, I’ve known him for 3 years, but he only started “talking” to me this year. Today I texted him because my friend forced me to, but he didn’t text me back! Help me! What should I do? Should I get over him? HELP!!!




Your friend is freaked out with the possibility of being in a relationship with you. The thought of commitment is frightening for him. It’s easy to talk trash or love with someone when you don’t see them. He probably needs another 3 years of growing up to do (probably you too). Get over him.

There is another reason why he is ignoring you… He is unintentionally teaching you a valuable lesson that is usually learned at a younger age. He wants you to treat him how he treats you.

Make his wish come true:

-  Rename him on your phone from “Hottie Boy” to “Please Ignore Me”
-  Don’t reply to his texts
-  If for the rare chance he calls you, don’t pick up
-  Don’t talk to him — ever
-  Send all of your friends the personal picture messages that he sent you

You yourself don’t seem ready for a serious relationship. If you’re not looking for a serious relationship and “just a boyfriend,” then stop wasting your time. Close to 100% of high school relationships don’t work out. How about getting a job or learning to play the tuba instead of dating for fun?

If "Please Ignore Me" approaches you and begs to know why you are ignoring him, tell him to grow up and continue ignoring him. He must really like being ignored.

Guys need to learn a very important lesson in life: The shy guy gets jack. Women need a man and women need to be won. Save your half-ass attempts for that one geeky chick at school that all of the nerds fight over (geeky girls need love too)… but even she probably has high standards.


- Kip


12 Responses to “He Texts Me But Ignores Me In Person”
  1. MissLiLLy says:

    High school boys are a waste of time, wait until you get to college. Then you can text galore. Unfortuantly he sounds like he might be for the gays, he just doesn’t know how to confess it. Maybe he thinks you can be his confidant and he can become your best girlfriend. He doesn’t want to seem straight in front of other guys so he doesnt speak to you in person because you’re a girl. Therefore you’re left with being his texting buddy.

    But on a seriousl note…if he isn’t willing to man up and even acknowledge you in public is about time you get rid of him and dont give him the satisfaction of being able to have you as his buddy on texts. You are offering him some sort of fullfillment, wether its just emotional support he’s looking for or just someone to keep him from being lonely.
    I Know 3 years of liking someone seems like a long time and I”m sure your heart fluttered when you received that 1st text from him but believe me there will be plenty more boys and plenty of other things for your heart to flutter about.

  2. delmarsell69 says:

    Im sure misslilly is right and hes an undercover HOMO
    Find one of his friends who is into you
    even if his appearance is Grotesqu (not the best speller, sound it out)
    if he really likes you he’ll be so jealous he will talk to you about it
    if not, he’s not worth your time
    never let a guy get the best of you
    if you do they will continue to do it over and over fraking your life up

  3. Paul says:

    Does he talk to other girls? Maybe he texts with every girl in high school and likes someone better then you but doesnt want the other one to see him talking to you…

  4. Kristyn says:

    It sounds like this guy just wants to have sex with you but he doesn’t want anybody else to know about it. He wants to flatter you through text messages in the hopes that he can woo you and get you to have sex with him. If he really wanted to be your boyfriend, he would talk to you in front of other people.

    Get over him and find a boy who is nice to you all the time.

    • MissLiLLy says:

      hahahhaha good point
      I should’ve figured this situation would boil down to sex!

      Sad smiley face: He just wants to get in your pants

  5. Dr. Saddam Hussein says:

    Hmm , good point Kristyn , very good point….I totally agree with you.

    I think you should just ignore him for a while unless he announces to all other people that you guys are boyfriend and girlfriend and if he doesn’t then you are wasting your time for nothing! Go get yourself another guy…unless you are ugly then better get this texty boy!

  6. Crystal says:

    yeah.. I HAVE THE SAME THING!! lol
    i REALLY like this guy.. he started texting me A TON!
    and always facebooked me
    now he never ever texts me… and i try to text him
    every once in a blue moon just so i dont “bug or annoy” him–
    cause thats what im thinking sonce he NEVER responds to ANYTHING!!!
    but them he ALWAYS STARES AT ME!!! and stuff…
    and we have SOOOOOO much in commen….
    i just dont understand him…. and i guess i need help with letting him go..
    cause its to hard to just “forget him” … so any tips people?!?!?!

  7. Taylee says:

    Actually, I think the guy is probably shy and finds you to be very beautiful but is overwhelmed by being around you in person. I have done this with a guy before. I’ve been a chatty, charming sweetheart over e-mail only to panic and clam up around him. I’m sure the one-word responses I squeaked out left him wondering what is wrong with me! LOL!

    He probably likes you. See if you can draw him out of his shell a bit by inviting him on a casual, fun outing!

  8. dreamer says:

    ok me and this guy started talking over txt from morning till i went to sleep hes pretty open about his feeling and at the begining he would try to b around me but after he just wouldnt say anything but he stills talks to me and i dont know what to do cuz i have a crush on him othr thing whenever i go somewhere he tries to b there too help

  9. michael says:

    well if u really dont want to get over him,then just swallow your pride and start a conversation with him in person.maybe it will lead to something unexpected.who knows.but, thats what i woukd do if i was in your position

  10. confused says:

    Hey i was wondering if you could help me i like this boy and we have been texting recently and then i had this party and he was really flirting with me and he text me that night like all night then we text sunday and he calls me babe but recently he wont text unless i text him and his mates say that he doesnt like me but im confused because he is really flirtatious on texts but then only smiles in school and looks at me doe she like me or not :/
    From confused

  11. Jonny says:

    Personally, i'd say you have to meet some jerks to realise how good the "nice guys" really are.. It's well and good telling this girl to ignore him because he's not a good catch. but then she'll never learn the importance of a guy with "good" characteristics.

    People learn best from their own mistakes. Sure you can give advice and you can hear advice, but curiousity will often get the better of you and you'll ignore the advice given, in the hope you could prove them wrong and have your way.
    This guy is a tool, but you won't realise until you see it. Best just bare in mind what we've all said about him, but go and see the evidence for yourself. Don't take our word for it and avoid any guy that isn't perfect. Risk = gain in this world, more often than not. Hell, maybe this guy is your prince charming, he's just too shy to talk to you in front of his friends because he's worried they'll pick on him for being soppy.

    Take it from a man – guys are led by reputation and pressure. They're a lot more cautious to do anything in life, with a fear of looking pathetic by their peers. I bet you 9 times out of 10, you're first impression of a man will be wrong. It's just the way it is.
    Sorry for the essay.. =P

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