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My Girlfriend Cheated On Me… I Still Love Her

March 31, 2009 by  
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My Girlfriend Cheated On Me... I Still Love Her
[ My Girlfriend Cheated On Me... I Still Love Her ]


Dear Kip,

Not too long ago I was in love with this girl. We were together for quite some time; I loved and respected her more than any boyfriend before and since me. I respected that she didn’t want to have sex and I trusted her to the greatest extent. I did everything possible to make her happy. One day she went to a party without me. She went with a couple of friends that we had in common so I had no objections with her going. While she was at the party, she had sex with her ex-boyfriend… — in front of 8 people on a couch! This happened about 2 months ago and I’m still not over her. I see her everyday at school and it absolutely tears me up inside at the mere thought of her. So, you can imagine how I feel when I see her. I’ve tried to get over her by going out partying and having sex with a few of her friends. But nothing is making me feel better! The guy that she cheated on me with is ugly and he uses her for sex. She is in love with him and still has sex with him. He doesn’t even like her, talks shit about her, and spreads personal pictures of her. I’ve beat his ass every time I seen him but I still feel fraked up inside. How can I get over the one that I love? I can never take her back, but I can’t stop thinking about her.





Apparently you didn’t beat the ex-boyfriends ass enough. You still feel like crap, he is still with your ex-girlfriend (also his ex-girlfriend), and he is still using her and spreading personal pictures of her. When an ass beating is done correctly, it should bring you some satisfaction and peace. No, it won’t heal your wounds or change what she did to you, but not seeing her with him and him using her, that will remove insult from injury.

Your wounds are going to take a long time to heal if you don’t keep your time and mind occupied with something or someone fun and interesting. Refrain from thinking about her and avoid crossing paths with her in school and anywhere else. You’re lucky that there is no chance of you and her getting back together again, because you don’t have to make yourself sick thinking of how to fix her and your relationship. She showed her true self to you months into your relationship instead of years; it would have been worse. It’s time to move on.

The road to healing:

- Register your ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s first and last name .com for 10 years. On the website write a biography on him and submit the site to Google.

- Take EVERYTHING (inanimate) that reminds you of your ex-girlfriend and bury it all near the place where both of you spent a lot of time together. (Example: Outside of chemistry class, your backyard, outside of Krispy Kreme, and etc.) Do not mark the grave of your failed relationship but do hold a candlelight vigil with family and friends.

- Since you can’t bury ex-girlfriend’s friends, dump them. If you impregnated any of them, I’m sure they’ll find a way to contact you when needed.

- Take up martial arts for self-discipline.

- Focus on other things in life; they are more important than a cheating ex-girlfriend.

It won’t be easy but you will get over it. There are better girls out there for you, don’t waste your time holding on to the past. Almost everyone has experienced heartbreak, and there is life after heartbreak; go live it.


- Kip


41 Responses to “My Girlfriend Cheated On Me… I Still Love Her”
  1. MissLiLLy says:

    I got a few words for you, “SHE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!”
    She said she didn’t want to have sex, yet she had sex with her ex bf on a couch in front of 8 people?! That doesn’t sound to me like a girl who doesn’t want to have sex.

    The sad truth is that she probably kept you around because you DID so many things for you. You probably catered to her every need.. and well that girl exploited the feelings that you had for her to get the things that she wants. Sadly, some girls really are like that. They see a nice guy they can walk all over, and well they stomp all over him with their high heels on.

    2 months is pretty recent in terms of breakups, so I dont blame you for not being over her. Sounds like you’re engaging in destructive behavior just to get even, but honestly you’re not doing yourself any good by distracting yourself. You just need time to fully deal with what happened. Not only did you find out that she didn’t reciprocate your feelings, but she publically humiliated you. Take a weekend trip somewhere and spend time alone. Cry if you have to… I know you guys love to say that you dont cry, but I think that you secretly do when no one is around. Crying does wonders for the soul.

    As for everything else, let time heal your wounds. With time everything gets better and you’ll look back at yourself a year from now and wonder why you were such a pansy for a girl who clearly doesn’t deserve you.

    • Kip says:

      I think that he needs to distract himself from thinking about her after he accepts what happened. There are things in life that only time or God can heal. He’s not going to feel any better thinking about her. Being busy and not coming across the things that bring up those painful memories will allow time to do its work.

      • MissLiLLy says:

        Distraction is good, I agree. Destruction….. not so much. Thats all that I was trying to say. I know that distractions did wonders for me and everyone from my friends to my family made sure that I was distracted enough.

  2. Carl says:

    Forget about her. Move on.

  3. Paul says:

    Awwwww, you poor thing. When i was reading your problem, i almost cried. But than when i finished reading it, i almost died from laughing.

    See, i think you lied to us about the sex part. you were probably too big of a pussy to go inside of her and she probably wanted you to start everything, so she moved on and had sex with someone that had balls. Obviously she wasnt shy to do it in front of 8 people, so whatever happened its your fault. Of coarse unless your 28 and shes 14.

    I dont know why people tell you to beat your ex girlfreinds boyfreind up, its not right, hes a guy… Who you really should beat up is your ex girlfreind. lol

    just kidding tough. but still, keep your hands to yourself and go buy a hooker and get over her and stop whining.

    • Michael says:

      Paul, you’re a funny guy. I agree with you when you say its not right to beat up the ex-boyfriend. A girl doesn’t “belong” to a guy until the I Do’s.

      I’ve dated girls who have cheated on me before. And I don’t look back with regret anymore. I’ve learned what not to do, learned what to look out for, and I have many good memories. I wouldn’t take any of them back, but I am better for having known them, if only by learning how cruel and insensitive some people can be, and realizing that I deserve the best.

      You deserve a faithful, loving, and supportive mate. And after trial and error you will find one, just like I did. But don’t settle for less than the best. This girl is way below your standards. Be the person you want in a mate and she will appear when you least expect it. I know you don’t want a girlfriend who fights or sleeps around, so maybe you shouldn’t either.

      Stay busy. And cry damn it.

      • Paul says:

        Yes, Someone agrees with me, about time.

        My point was, when a girl cheats on her guy, a wife on her husband, etc, its not the guys fault that she slept with. Many guys like married woman, i guess its a James Bond thing and when they get a chance they do it and count themselves like mission accomplished. So by beating up the guy, you dont solve a thing, in fact, the girl or the wife now knows that next time it happens only the guy will get beat up and she wont be touched. If you were to beat the wife up, she would be scared to cheat again.

        Dont get me wrong, hiting woman is wrong, “except when she cheats”, lol, but hitting and beating guys up doesnt fix anything, what you should do instead, is invite the guy over for dinner and pretend you know nothing and discuss it over tea. You wont see that fag again.

        Go to some local church and meet some freindly nice cute girls and take it easy, one step at a time. Good luck

  4. Its better to start with new life, reason is why to care for those person who does not care for you. If he or she had some feeling for you he should not have cheated you, so better with new life, forget the past. And Breaking up is not a stupid thing; instead it makes you a better person and realize your mistakes.

  5. MissLiLLy says:

    If you look anything like the guy in the pic with the remote control.. give me a hollar. I’ll help you get over your broken heart ;)

    • evil king says:

      Miss lilly im better then that
      come holla at me

    • robert says:

      i have been dating a girl for about 2 1/2 years, approximately 3 weeks ago she walked out w/out saying anything? a week went by and she came over to get some of her things and told me that she could no longer do this anymore, as surprised as i was, i asked why? and what happen? she said i was holding her back and she wanted to do things and felt trapped. she asked if she could come by an get her things and what i wanted her to do with the keys to my house, i said come by get your things and leave the keys, she never did and 2 weeks went by then she finally came by this past friday and got a few things left as if nothing was wrong, no emotions “Nothing” yesterday on my way home from visiting family i was driving home and she started txt’n me and said she had made a big mistake and was so sorry and if she could come over and talk,, i didn’t really want her to, but i allowed it thought maybe this was the closier i was looking for? she said that she wanted me in her life and she had made a big mistake and if i could please forgive her that she loves me and couldn’t imagine her life w/ out me. we taked and taked and i agrred that i can and will forgive her, but a lot of things will have to happen before i could ever trust her again. she agreed. i have never been the kind of guy to look thru her purse, cell phone, etc. for some reason while she was taking a shower i just could not bare the thought of where she was or with who? so i looked in her phone only to discover that she had been txt’n talking and who knows what else with another guy, everything from i had a great weekend, to wanting his child, him asking for naked pic’s of her all that you can imagine. when this first happened she told me that is never had anything to do with another guy it was all about her beeeing confused? how do i know if she is still communicating with him or seeing him w/ out telling her i went thru her phone and discovered all the txt’n and talking. i care about her so dam much i have done everyting possible to make her happy at the same time i don’t want to live always wondering where she is or who she is talking to and what she is doing, she told me that she wants me to help her by putting my foot down and telling her what to do and letting her know that i have to be firm. part of wants to let go and start over, part of me wants to give her a second chance and try to work things out, i even told her that if it was another guy and she didn’t know how to say it, then just leave it alone and from this point on start being honest and truthful and it there is going to be a lot work ahead if we are going to make this work. and she has to prove all this back to me before i cold ever trust her again. I’m so confused, please help me?

  6. Dr. Saddam Hussein says:

    Hmmm , I might have no experience in this , I was never got a chick cheating on me behind my back before , I mean if a girl dumps me I execute her , her family , her neighbors , her whole street and all people she knows.

    But if you are looking for a piece of advice from a dictator’s prospective and point of view , you must find someone else and be friend to (Including things more than simple friendship , did u get me champ!)while showing off like taking your new GF to where your Ex goes.

    Second step is to completely and permanently ignore her (SHE’S OUT OF UR LIFE) I mean if shes comes whining to you saying that her family was killed by a chemical Gas fired from a jet fighter with the iraqi flag painted on the wing …Just hang up the phone (You will probably know by then that I was the one who did that).

    The third advice is to never lie about your sex life on KipTip , so the next time you just say that you have a TINY-WEENIE so that we can fix you! so the next time you go get yourself a GF you will be ready , thus try using one of these pumps that makes yours longer 3 inches a week or something (Don’t use it too much , we don’t want you to have a surgery or something afterwords). And through this last important advice we will make sure that your next GF wont run away and cheat on you with a BULL! in front of 8 people on a couch!

  7. tom says:

    In the night I hear ‘em talk,
    The coldest story ever told,
    Somewhere far along this road
    He lost his soul
    To a woman so heartless…
    How could you be so heartless… oh
    How could you be so heartless?

    How could you be so,
    Cold as the winter wind when it breeze yo
    Just remember that you talking to me yo
    You need to watch the way you talking to me you know
    I mean after all the things that we been through
    I mean after all the things we got into
    And yo I know of some things that you ain’t told me
    And yo I did some things but that’s the old me
    And now you wanna get me back
    And you gon’ show me
    So you walk around like you don’t know me
    You got a new friend
    Well I got homies
    But in the end it’s still so lonely

    In the night I hear ‘em talk,
    The coldest story ever told,
    Somewhere far along this road
    He lost his soul
    To a woman so heartless…
    How could you be so heartless… oh
    How could you be so heartless?

    How could you be so Dr. Evil
    You’re bringing out a side of me that I don’t know
    I decided we weren’t gonna speak so why we up 3 a.m. on the phone
    Why does she be so mad at me for, homie I don’t know she’s hot and cold
    I won’t stop, won’t mess my groove up cause I already know how this thing goes,
    You run and tell your friends that you’re leavin’ me
    They say that they don’t see what you see in me
    You wait a couple months then you gon’ see,
    You’ll never find nobody better than me

    In the night I hear ‘em talk,
    The coldest story ever told,
    Somewhere far along this road
    He lost his soul
    To a woman so heartless…
    How could you be so heartless… oh
    How could you be so heartless?

    Talkin’, talkin’, talkin’, talk,
    Baby lets just knock it off
    They don’t know what we been through
    They don’t know ’bout me and you
    So I got something new to see
    And you just gon’ keep hatin’ me
    And we just gon’ be enemies
    I know you can’t believe
    I could just leave it wrong
    and you can’t make it right
    Im gon’ take off tonight
    In to the night…

    In the night I hear ‘em talk,
    The coldest story ever told,
    Somewhere far along this road
    He lost his soul
    To a woman so heartless…
    How could you be so heartless… oh
    How could you be so heartless?

    hope that made u feel betta dude chin up

  8. Sam says:

    all i can say is i know how you feel girls do just walk all over nice guys my current girl friend and im almost ashamed to say but she cheated on me 4 time with four diff guys and tried talking to my brother i still love her and it hurts i dont know why i cant let her go and its not like i cant just get another girl i mean im 6 foot nice smile respectful to her and pretty much everyone im healthy i play basketball for a d3 college starter by the way girls would kill to be with me and exgirlfriends would kill too have a second chance but i love her like idk i guess im posting this to see what i should do in a way but idk i love her enough to forgive her i been with her for about 3 years now as far as i know she hasnt cheated on me for a year and half now so idk maybe pppl can change or im just blind but i love her

    • MissLiLLy says:

      I dont understand why people allow themselves to stay in these kinds of situations and relationships. You say all this stuff about yourself that makes you so wonderful but I think that you dont love and respect yourself enough if you allow yourself to be in this situation.

      We are the only ones who control our destiny and if you’re ok with being a doormat then more power to you in sticking in this kind of relationship.

      4 times she’s cheated on your, and 4 times you’ve taken her back… she doesnt respect you an ounce and knows she can get away with anything. Sad but true.

      Not all girls walk all over guys but to some girls give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. Dont sit there and cry about how bad girls are if you’re not man enough [or have balls] to get up and walk away and find someone who will love you and treat you the way that you deserve to be treated.

      The end

      • Previously Lonely says:

        Dear MissLiLLy,
             Men, or boys, are weird when coming to this situation. I was once in this situation, but not as serious as these last few. I had a girl that i lost my virginity too, and she had done things with so many other boys, she always hurt me and for some reason i always wanted her back! After about 5 months of us being together and her telling me her most inner secrets / us sharing everything…I couldn't take the heart ache anymore. I found it was the best decision of my life to just man up and leave her..yes it DID hurt…and for a long time – id say about a month or two – i couldnt stop thinking about how she was probably with other guys…but i just threw myself back out there and everything was great. Me and this girl are actually really good friends now, and i found out she didn't do anything with another guy still to this day…(about 4 months after breakup)
        I will never go back to having a relationship with her because i just think about the pain she caused me and i deserve better than that, but i'll always be her friend.
        Thanks for reading this :]
        Hope this helped anyone!

  9. Alvin Lim says:

    There are many good girls out there and try to look for those who appreciate and respect you. Don’t waste time and energy on those kind of girls. Focus on what you want in life like goals, dreams, careers, sports, and your hobby.

  10. MissLiLLy says:


  11. MR. PRINCE says:

    i really feel 4 u i do but the thing to do is nothing just think of it like this dont fall in love with any girl but go with the girl who falls in love 4 u. u will be much happier like dat. i fink u done 2 much 4 dat girl u still feel 4 u show a girl so much love and respect and they throw it bak in ur face dats why guys go crazy anyways just dont chat 2 the girl if u do see in her eyes if shes sorry or not is she is den 4giv her and take her bak but if not dont bother or u can take her in and belt her so bad scare her a bit anyways hunt 4 another girl if u can love is hard 2 find

  12. I need you to let Rorri Peaton How much you miss him as his girlfriend and baby girl and Rorri Peaton will listen to this and says sure sweetie I love you baby girl Adi Krauthammer I love you a lot baby Maybe I can be your boyfriend again Kim Wheeler its over I love Adi again she is my cutest girlfriend I have met her at a couple dances But she needs a boyfriend right know after all the things I have put you through Adi babe would you marry me

  13. Pomask says:

    Right here with you guys. Had a girl who was as crazy as me and I loved her. Believed she loved me. She moved across the fraking country with me, I mean come on that's love isn't it?!? Nope.  She had cheated on me before ( i had no idea, we lived in different towns) and whenever I got mad at her and didn't call her she went crazy! she would blow me up, angry texts,,,,, i'd ignore cause I really didn't care and then she'd cry, tell me she loved me…… i bought it, I mean why would someone say it if they didn't mean it? I would never say that to someone if I didn't mean so surely it's legit? so there's no way she would cheat on me, obviously rigth? Nope.
    Truth is some people are like that, guys and girls alike……… It sucks cause you just feel like a loser, or like you should've cheated on her when YOU had the chance (You guys had chances too right?)
    Don't EVER take them back or even grace them with your voice, presence or a look. She should be dead to you.  Again I tell you from experience. So I eventually found out she cheated on me, got angry, told her to move home, she did. Got busy, really really busy actually (had 3 jobs) and wasn't really thinking that much about her….. she blew me up, called me, texted me,,,, told me she missed me, told me she loved me, told me she was so sorry for what she did, told me if she ever saw me again she'd hold on and never let go….. I ignored her for the first month, no problem, girls full of shit….
    .. then i got laid off from one job and my 2 restaurants got slow,,,, she kept texting and calling, and one day (which happened to be the aniversary of her fathers death) she called and I answered – half because Im a warm heart, half because I was feeling pretty lonely (and believe it or not, I really don't find a lot of girls that interesting, the ones I had gotten with after she left were so boring, normal, predictable, and she was, and still is unfortunately, my Favorite.) . We talked she was crying and crying and crying and I built her confidence up,  I hated her for what she did, but I couldn't forget that she had  brought happiness back from the dead for me (long story short I had a really shitty childhood and I couldn't remember feeling as happy as she made me feel just to be ALIVE  since I had been about 6 years old)……… So I got her to stop crying, shared a laugh with her and then spelled it out, , ,, , if you're really sorry come back out here and fix it , prove it,,,,,,,,,,otherwise stop calling me, it's not like I'm not thinking about you but I don't want to be……… I didn't think she meant anything she had said and then she showed up out here…… Happy Ending? Nope.
    She just stood there looking at me,,,, showed no affection……. eventually i got drunk while she was around and I was the one kissing her……. It was so fraking bizzare and left me so empty. She left without a care in the world and it left me a little fraked up (really fraked up actually)
      Some people are just shitty and that's that man. I don't know I guess we are supposed to have enough respect for ourselves to stand up to someone like that but still,,,,,,, whats with the fraking complications? Love someone be happy to love them and when it fades out just be real about it. Towards the end I had told her I wasn't really that happy with her anymore, and that I was thikning we should break up. The next day was when I found out she had cheated on me (a couple weeks back)……… So shitty, you know, just leaves you feeling like shit about yourself, like you're not good enough…….. Why, How, What the frak? The only answer is that that person is a piece of shit. It sucks because being the soft hearts we are, we don't want them to be. We KNOW that people are capable of both kindness and cruelty, and we know both their sides and we want them to be the kind person we fell in love with but they DON"T CARE ABOUT YOU OR WHAT YOU WANT THATS WHY THEY CHEATED ON YOU!  It's horrible man, but life goes on. You'll be alright  and just force yourself to forget her. If you see her…… seriously embrace that she is NO ONE. Do not do what I've been doing , thinking about her non stop, occassionally texting her just because you're angry, or sad, or lonely, or miserable,,,,,, don't start shit with her just because its better than nothing from her, it's not. you'll just be pissed at yourself for breaking down.    She's dead man bury it and move on..

  14. george says:

    wow, thanks tom, my break up seems alot easyer now.
    mate the girls oviously a skank, you dont need her, all we realy need is our friends our famly, an a massive spliff. i promise you wont even remeber her name,

  15. green says:

    well said….. i guess we have all been through some crap at least once in our lives and some have been through many. people cheat on each other for many reasons, some just do it cause they can, some do it because they want to escape from what they have at the time, some do it because they are confused, some do cause it makes them happy and some do it for revenge. people say if you love someone you wouldn't cheat on them, that doesn't always hold true. i loved someone very much at one time but i cheated on her, i don't know why i did it, i just did. i won't ever do it again, not because i can't or not because i don't want to, i won't do it because it makes me sad that i would be hurting someone that i loved.
    people say 'once a cheater always a cheater' thats not true. people can change…..i mean seriously how hard is it to be faithful? its not about how much love you have for a person its the commitment that you make and hold on to that stops you from cheating.

  16. nick says:

    my gurl cheated on me with a girl and i was like we r done and she was like no wait u r the best thing that ever happend to me  i gave her one more chance cause i love her alot

  17. nick 2 says:

    My girlfriend left me for a pussy. I don't get it. I don't have a small "weenie". The dude looks like a pile of sticks with a mop head. WTF? My little brother would own him in a fight. I can't be mad at the dude, cause if I hit him, I'd probably kill him on accident. Anyone else experienced this? Oh, plus we had a baby together and she is now uninterested in raising the child. She wants to use the child so people will feel sorry for her, like I cheated or something. I never abused her or anything. WTF?

  18. Robert says:

    I honestly did agree with you brother,some people cheat other in a relationship for some reasons like been a very bad situation,been lonely not seeing their partners for years,been confused but some do it because they like sex which makes them feel good but note this my brother,every cheat deserve to be dump off because, no family will love to see his or her child hunging around with a poor prostitute who calles herself a God fearing and christian should be used of controling him or herself and know how to live alone than been hurt and cheated.The better you open the door for the cheat to live your room the happier you will find yourself enoying yourself progressing with better dreams,goals and happy life stye living.

    Imaging your gf living with you in your apartment for one good year cheating on you with alot of liers and even have the ordersity to sleep around with other men and especially her ex bf.How would you handle such situation if you were in my shoes?Will you leave the lady for good or still been in love with her dating?

  19. Brett says:

    I know this is old forum but i dont know what to do anymore, me and  my girl dated for over 2 years and broke up because we had a fight a big one over her i was being used and couldnt take it she told me she loved me and would till death due us part we did everything toghter and that day when we broke up i ddnt want to be despret i wanted her to want me so after about a month when i shoulda fixed it, one of my guy friends came up to me and asked me what i thought about him being with her at first i ddnt know what to say time later i found my self enraged i ended up putting him in the hospital, time after that she dated him for a few months during those months i dated a girl and realized what a bigmistake i was makeing i needed my girlfriend. we talked and she was mad at me , we seen eachother over a period of 7 months fought a few times and got over it, on friday night i got off work and went to her house to get her with flowers and was going to bring her to the spot we first kissed to make us offical again and start our new lives, she told me she had gone out i was devistaded so went home and said good night in the morning i was just about to text her good moring and i love you when i got a dreadful text saying its over i cant do this anymore all the fighting all of everything were done good bye it was a big mistake. she ddnt want to see me i convinced her to and later found out when she went out she had gotten drunk with her good friends and she ended up sleeping with him, i said you made a mistake tryed to be understanding but she wouldnt tell me if she wanted me i gave her a choice with me or without me. she chose without me and walked away without a slight look back. i was devistated i then went out and got hammerd  about soloutly hammerd to try and mask what had just happend in the morning i awoke to about 60 texts(roughly) she was telling me how big a mistake she made how much she needs me how much she loves me and said she was  going to come make it up to me see me and talk it out i was overcome with happyness i actually started to cry i waited and she never came, i called her worried to find out where she was she answerd from him bed.or coutch with him inside of her and simply said i choose him. i have been with her for 3 years and she traded that for one night with him she wants him and wont look back, i amdevistaded she is all i know all i am. she was the girl she is the girl i would do anything for her i will do anything for her, how can she do this why, It has been 4 days now i want to die that is the onlything that makes sence  she traded me for him it feels like im being told to breath but someone took the air away, when i was without her before i barely managed, i cant go back to that i dont know what to do she wants him, nothing with me. I can get many girls but i dont want any other girl. i want her shes what makes me , me. It sickens me but is true and hard to say but the only thing i have been able to do lately is try to think of how to make her miss me how to make her sorry and some of the answers i have come up with are cut my throat take my truck and hit a tree . i am so scared and dont know how much longer i can do this. 

  20. salmon says:

    she cheated on vacation with a guy she was talking to on line introduced to her by another friend who worked in the same business we do we had been together for 12 plus years and i kept asking about this guy she said it was nothing but as i looked at messages i saw it building up to this. worst shit is she cheated and then said she does not want to be with me. i was am gutted. i begged for another chance to be a better person but on her twitter page is the guy she slept with and refuses to take him off her page. she says they dont speak but refuses to take him off her page so i have to read the tweets like i see you etc etc she says she wont take him off because he did nothing wrong it was our relationship that was bad. but before she left for vacation we had an arguement about me not spending enough time with her, she said that was apart of why she cheated. i have told her that if we are indeed trying to rebuild our relationship he has to be out of our lives and she said she wont remove just wont tweet anything or talk to him. before you guys say anything i know clearly that if she wont remove him despite my pleas of being in pain and how much it hurts me to see this person. i should move on. i know it i cant take his random messages, my only choice is to remove my self from this relationship. im so freakin hurt but i know what i must do. 

  21. Slim Shady says:

    @saddam watevr da eff ur name is holy shit brah das me rite dere bombn dem with chemical gas and excuting her and her friends, family, street, but if u exicute evry1 she knows, wont that include u? and also man wats ur fone number? i mite need it…

  22. James says:

    I was dating this girl for 8 years since i was 16 now i am 24.Long story short,we broke up because i was not the most respectful guy to her but i guess she stayed with me because she loved me .i was madly inlove with her and she was my best friend, i just had anger issues .when she left me i went to a doctor  for help to be a better guy because i wanted to show her that i love her and wanna spend the rest of my life with her. anyway she met a new guy that she worked with and seemed happy but she still called me and i always ran to her when she did like a fool.this went on for 2 years and just ended today because i found out that when we were younger she was having sex with my cousin who was very close to me.this all is very shocking to me.never thought she could do that to me ,i hear they did it for a whole year not just once..she denied it but i got hard proof from a close friend of hers and it all kinda makes sense to me now for some reason .anyway i still love her but shes dead to me and i will never speak to him or her again .my soul feels invaded 

  23. thugjitsu says:

    my girlfriend cheated on me once.
    i got back together just so she could turn in this "lover"
    it took a few weeks for him to come a round. pretty evil….
    but i finally set him up.
    he thought he was going to get lucky.

    instead he got slammed on his neck nose broken
    eyes swollen shut
    and told him you can keep her.
    i took her home and erased her from my life.
    i was the best guy she ever had.

  24. missing her says:

    im in a similar situation to this. i just lost my fiancee because a guy i called a friend who i had known for 5 yr=ears stabbed me in the back by making her believe i didnt love her, trust her, or care. i fought every single day to make her happy, and for a long time we were. i love her still to this day. she told me she wanted a break, just for a few weeks. 2 days later she was with him. ive been devastated. i dont sleep, i barely eat. i feel empty. i know somewhere in her heart she still loves me. i warned her, along with like 12 other people, what a piece of shit this guy really is. he got a girl pregnant a year ago and made her put the baby up for adoption, the he belittled her to the point where she cut herself off from everyone. no one has seen her in months. i dont want that for the girl i love, but i cant impose a decision on her without risking losing her for good. she left me with mementos and belongings important to her, she didnt intend for things to happen like this. that prick destroyed my happiness to try and get his dick wet, after he spent weeks telling me how happy he was for meand her. he was trying to steal her that whole time. i confronted her on it and thats when it all fell apart. he told her exactly what i would do, and he promised her better things. hes a fraking couch surfer with no real home, but he has a talent to make people beleive what he says. idk what to do. i warned her, but its all in her hands. i want her back, but more importantly, i want her safe. i set her up with a place with another friend of mine, whom is both married AND trustable. he was gonna oversee the wedding ceremony. he promised to try and help her however he could, but i still fear that i may never get her back. idk how to accept that after all i sacrificed to be with her, money spent, bridges burned, my own family disowned me because i cared more for her. i just dont know. as bad as i wanna hurt him, as much as i wanna act on my feelings of hurt and rage and betrayal, i cant, or i really will lose her. this isnt an easy circumstance. a gf is one thing, ive been there, and usually i found that the healing comes when you arent looking for it, and it just stumbles into the picture. but how do you get over someone you planned to spend your life with, someone you allready dedicated yourself to?

  25. Rock and a hard place says:

    I need help with this situation. Ive had a thing with a girl for almost 2 years now. We arent officially dating because we both go to different colleges and her last ldr was a bad experienc for her. This past summer was awesome, we got along great and the L word was thrown around quite alot. Everything changed a few months ago though. She started ignoring me and blowing me off when i would come back into town claiming she was "busy", when in fact more times than not she would go out with her friends. I reluctantly havee tolerated all of this a few days ago when I found out that she has been hooking with other guys, at least one for sure. She never told me any of it, however i guess i cant really hold her accountable becausee we arent officially dating. So i bucked up and have been completely not contacting her at all for the past two days, even though shes only texted me twice since, no calls.
        What can I do? I love this girl to death, I dont want to move on to others. Ive noticed in times past that she has become more attached to me when I have had things with other girls. So should I just act like I dont care and hope that she comes back again? I know that i should stop being a complete pushover and letting her walk all over me, but its easier said than done.

  26. Pratik says:

    I was in relationship with a girl, when we started relationship, she was already in relationship with someone, but she told me that she had breakup. It was wonderful few months, but one day i found that she is still in relationship with her ex, and she was lying to me. I tried to breakup but she said she need one more chance to prove her self, i gave her one chance as i loved her, but again i found that she is in relationship with some other guys as well. I dont know, i want to breakup but i couldnt as i love her so much. She always make me feel that i am good for nothing, whenver i am with her i feel that i am not as good as her ex boyfriends. I dont want to live like this, but i am not able to get over her as well. What should i do? Please guide

  27. michelle says:

    My ex-boyfriend dumped me 4 months ago after I accused him of seeing someone else and insulting him.I want him back in my life but he refuse to have any contact with me.I was so confuse and don't know what to do,so I reach to the internet for help and I saw a testimony of how a spell caster help them to get their ex back so I contact the spell caster and explain my problem to him and he cast a spell for me and assure me of 3days that my ex will return to me and to my greatest surprise the third day my ex came knocking on my door and beg for forgiveness.I am so happy that my love is back again and not only that,we are about to get married.once again thank you ultimate are truly talented and is the only answer.he can be of great help and I will not stop publishing him because he is a wonderful man

  28. bellamy says:

    I was crushed when my lover of three years left to be with another man. I cried and sobbed every day, until it got so bad that I reached out to the Internet for help. I wasted so much time and effort trying to get him back until I hit on the real thing. And that is you, ultimate spell. You were different from all the rest – you are the diamond in the rough. Thank you from the depths of my soul! I am extremely happy now. I hope God blesses you as much as you have help me to get my Love back, visit him on (  he can be a great help to you all.

  29. hialee says:

    hi , i am 36 and she is27 .when we met 6 years ago she was 21 and having a boyfriend for 3 years. however  she lost her verginity to me. everything was wonderful untill in 2008 she moved to a new city for a job, after one month she called me one night on her own and said she made a mistake and is it possible that i forgive her, later on when i investigated i found that she went to another guys home .she says she is clean but only god knows what actually happened. it took my everything. however after testing her in a lot of ways i dicided to forgive her and reunite.but then she once again had a job change and moved to another city in 2011.once again i got suspicious.on investigating she revealed that she doesnt finds me a marriage material so she was planning it with someone else,she brought him on her room however she didnt do anything.i left it all on her .after a month she said that she made a big mistake and apologised  and askin to marry but now i dont trust her anymore, i lost interest in sex.i feel duped as iwas paying allher bills since last 3 yrs and she was takin advantage of me. i dont want to trust  her again but not able to leave her as 7 years of bonding is really strong  i am unmarried but due to her i lost my 7 years now it is difficult to find a new girl ahd start it all again afresh.should i marry her  or not plz advise. i tried but dont find any other girl as good as she is with me. 

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