16 Gifts to Give the Kiddos in Your Life

Although it is only mid-November, the holiday shopping season is already well underway—and popular toys are quickly selling out. Don't take the chance of not being able to purchase everything on your children's wish lists; begin your holiday shopping as soon as possible.

Whether you're buying for toddlers or teenagers, our editors picked the perfect gifts for them.

1) A cute little fluffy friend for boys and girls! They will fall in love with this cute Fluffy Soft Cute Unicorn the moment they see it! Long-term durability, high-quality materials, durable textiles, and stitching, this item has everything you are looking for.

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2) When the youngsters in your life open the present box, they will instantly fall in love with it. Hand movements and gestures can control the RC Stunt Car using the remote controller or the wristwatch. The car will follow your commands and proceed in the direction indicated by the physical movements.

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3) The 6-axis gyroscope makes this Mini Flying Motorcycle  so simple to use and ensures a stable flight, even for inexperienced users. Most kids as young as five years old can successfully fly this toy. Furthermore, the lightweight material provides the user with a higher level of safety. Overall, this is a great present for a kid.

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4) This Hand Operated Mini Drone uses infrared sensor technology; simply toss the flying ball gently into the air, and it will begin to fly autonomously. With the LED indicator, the flying toy may also be enjoyed indoors at night. This is a gift that will drive children insane with joy.

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5) With this RC Transforming Excavator, you can create a superhero-themed environment while also stimulating your child's mind and imagination. You'll notice and appreciate seeing your child beam with delight as he/she spends time with his/her new friend.

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6) You don't want to miss out on putting a smile on a child's face, or even better, a delighted laugh. They will undoubtedly be smitten by their new Double Wing Aircraft 3D Wooden Puzzle model building kit. This is most likely the best present you can give a child. 

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7) The highest laser technology was used to cut all of the pieces. The building of the Magic Clock 3D Wooden Puzzle will be extremely instructive, as it will teach children the fundamentals of object physics. No tools or glues are required, and the kit comes with a detailed instruction booklet.

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8) Another beautiful alternative to the ones above. This Mini Music Box 3D Wooden Puzzle also plays the song ‘Castle in the Sky!’ This gift will be extremely informative and will teach children the fundamentals of object physics. Also, once they've completed the assembly, they'll be able to enjoy the lovely tune!

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9) This gorgeous Motorcycle 3D Wooden Puzzle is an excellent present for all kids and teens. It increases engagement and yields excellent moments among family members by delivering the fun of DIY. This gift will be a hit with the kids.

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10) It is so simple to prepare ice cream with these  Popsicle Molds. It is made with environmentally friendly, reusable, and food-safe plastic. Perfect gift for children, toddlers, and even adults. Mix any fruits you like, and have fun making ice cream at home!

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11) What makes children happy more than ice cream? Infinite ice cream! These cute Ice Cream Bowls will give you a better experience while eating you favorite ice cream. FYI, these bowls and spoons are made of BPA free food grade plastic!

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12) Children will love these awesome Take & Go Yogurt Cups that come with their own spoon. Because there is a separate section at the top, the dry products that you don’t want to get mushy. This is the perfect item for kids to take their lunch or snacks to school!

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13) Even though Halloween is behind us now, this Halloween Themed 3D Chocolate Mold mold can make a children happy anytime! Rest assured, this mold is made from professional-grade polycarbonate which is extremely durable and sturdy.

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14) A pretty alternative to the chocolate mold above, this 3D Animals Shape Chocolate Mold  is equally fun. With its cute, different shapes will make the kids, teenagers, and even adults really happy! So inspirational and easy to clean!

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15) BPA-Free Cute Macaron Storage Box  that has Superior Quality - These small macaron-shaped boxes are made of high-quality commercial-grade BPA-free, sturdy plastic and are ideal for food storage. All in all, a gift you can give children, with peace of mind.

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16) Kids will love these lovely, colorful animals! Now, you can make them healthy snacks and you don’t need to worry about them not liking it. Thanks to these lovely Reusable Popsicle Molds, they will have so much fun eating!

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