10 Home Improvement Products You’ve Probably Needed For a Long Time

Home is a place where you should feel relaxed, and with our top 10 home improvement product picks, you can rest assured that life in your home will be a lot more organized and easier. See for yourself!  

1. Your shower probably needs a face-lift, and this Edna Home Shower Organizer can definitely make that happen. This 2-level shower organizer is easy to install and is made up of high-strength durable suctions so that your shampoo bottles will never fall! 

Can hold 11 pounds without using a drill.

Promising Review
“This shower organizer really holds everything! I’ve bought something similar before but it always fell within a day of me putting it up. With this Edna Home organizer, it has yet to slip on me and I have been using it for over a month with heavy products such as my shampoo, conditioner and body wash.” -Ryan 

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2. An Edna Home Soap Dish Holder to give you a mess-free and tidier looking kitchen or bathroom. The design provides plenty of drainage and maximum air ventilation that prevents rusting and keeps things dry and clean.  
Can hold 11 pounds without using a drill. 

Promising Review “I have always preferred bar soap from liquid soap but hate the buildup it gives when placed on a plate. This soap dish holder really gives the soap ventilation, so it doesn’t get gross and I end up throwing it away. The suction really holds, and I have never had a problem with it falling!” -Betty 

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    3. This Edna Home Cabinet Door Organizer Holder makes sure that no space in your house is wasted. With its sleek design, you can hang this organizer over kitchen cabinets, pantries or bathroom cabinets to save space while keeping your house tidy. 
    cabinet door organizer

    This single rack can hold up to 5 pounds without using a drill. 

    Promising Review “Was looking for a place to hold my cleaning products under the kitchen sink and this cabinet door organizer really made a huge difference to my kitchen. It holds quite a bit and doesn’t look like the cheap plastic ones that are usually sold. Definitely a practical purchase!” -Ashley 

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      4. Say goodbye to stuffing things into your suitcase blindly and say hello to Edna Home’s Set of 6 Travel Luggage Organizer. Made out of durable, yet light weight material, you can pack your suitcase more efficiently, optimizing every inch of empty space!  
      The 6-piece set includes 3 packing cubes (1 small, 1 medium and 1 large) and 3 smaller zip-packs. 

      Promising Review 
      “Couldn’t be happier at how well this tape works! Love that they also give you a box cutter and two razor replacements as an extra gift. Great company to work with.” -Tim 

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        5. Edna Home’s Storage Rack is the perfect place to store your mugs or kitchen utensils. Not only will it save you space while hanging from under your cabinet, but it will also give your kitchen a modern look.  
         EDNA HOME Mug Cups Storage Rack, Drilling-Free Under Cabinet Closet Holder Hooks for Hanging Mugs, Ties, Belts, Scarf, Kitchen Utensils, Necklace and More,...
        Can hold up to 5 pounds without the use of a drill.  

        Promising Review I hate having all of my utensils shoved in a drawer and I don’t have enough counter space to put them in a holder, so this storage rack really helped me feel like my kitchen can be organized and tidy. I can clearly see each utensil without having to dig through a messy drawer! Great product.” -Julie

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        6. This Edna Home Bedside Storage Organizer is definitely a must buy if you often find your nightstand cluttered or you can never find what you are looking for once you get into bed. A great place to store books, glasses, lotions and more, this storage organizer can fit on the side of your bed without taking too much space. 
        storage organizer
        This bedside storage organizer has 2 compartments and 3 front pockets. 

        Promising Review
         “I always am misplacing things in my living room and can never seem to find my glasses because they are stuck in between the couch cushions. This storage organizer is the perfect size to fit right next to the couch so I can put all of my essentials in it without losing them. Very practical and stylish” -Peter

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          7. An Edna Home Cabinet Shelf Organizer is the most practical way to keep your cabinets organized and tidy without having to drill holes or empty your wallet to buy new cabinet shelfs. This 11 x 11.8-inch stackable cabinet rack is what your cabinets have been missing!  

          Promising Reviews “I have a rental house now and we are not allowed to drill anything or make any changes to the home but there is so much wasted space in my cabinets. Needed a cheap solution and these stackable shelf organizers really did the trick. They are not wobbly and are a good size to fit into a standard cabinet.” -Weston 

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          8. Have a small shower and have no shelf to store your shampoo and soap? Try Edna Home’s Shower Corner Caddy to optimize space and organize your shower without needing to drill or put any holes in the wall.  

          Can hold up to 11 pounds without the use of a drill 

          Promising Reviews “My shower is quite small, and I share it with my roommate, so I wanted a shelf that is just for my products. This 90-degree corner shower caddy works great, and the suction is super strong. It doesn’t fall like they usually do and can surprisingly hold a lot. My roommate also bought one to go above mine so we can both have our own storage space in the shower.” -Michelle 

          Buy from Kiptip for $15.99

          7. This Edna Home No-Drill Paper Towel Holder is a fast and sustainable option for hanging a paper towel rack without having to put holes in the wall. Made up of high-strength durable materials, this rack is sure to stick on your wall without falling and ensures no rusting. 
          Paper Towel Holder with Vacuum Suction CupPaper Towel Holder with Vacuum Suction Cup

          Can hold up to 11 pounds without drilling 

          Promising Reviews ““Our landlord doesn’t allow us to put any holes in the wall but there was no place to put paper towel in the apartment, so I needed a different option. This no-drill paper towel holder really sticks well to the wall and leaves no mark, making it the perfect temporary solution for renters.” -Simon 

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          7. The Penguin Soap Dispenser from Edna Home is the cutest product you didn’t know you needed until now! Made of sturdy and recycled plastic, this soap dispenser adds some fun to your kitchen or bathroom.    

          Provides 1,000 foamy pumps when adding 50% water and 50% soap 

          Promising Reviews “My daughter hates baths but when I put this penguin soap dispenser up above the bathtub, it suddenly transferred bath time into fun time! She loves pumping the penguin’s belly to get her own soap to wash herself! Super cute idea for those who have kids.” -Emily 

          Buy from Kiptip for $19.99