About Us

KipTip Brand Network was founded in 2021 to improve the technology-based shopping experience. Headquartered in California, KipTip determines all of its strategies according to customer expectations and puts the customer at the center of its business plan. KipTip's purpose is constantly evolving according to the changing needs of their customers.

We Are Customer Focused!
In all our decisions, we prioritize the happiness of our customers. Customer satisfaction is everything to us.
The Best E-commerce Experience!
We are here to provide a better e-commerce experience everyday for everyone. We know how important feedback is to our goal. That's why our team is available 24/7!
We Are a Good Team!
Team spirit is everything to us. We are a team of people who complement and trust each other. We work with full transparency to achieve our goals. We have perfected our working system to increase our performance both individually and as a team.
We Are Constantly Improving!
We are constantly improving our operations. We always maximize team performance for personal and professional development. Education and development are very important to us.