7 tapes that you can stick anything to anywhere

Have you found yourself in a sticky situation? Look no further for the 7 tapes that will patch up any problem you are facing

1. Canopus Heavy Duty, Double Sided Mounting Tape, RP25 is one of the strongest tapes on the market. Thanks to this RP25 tape, instant bonding with strong and long-term adhesion is made possible. This tape provides a strong hold on a wide range of surfaces like glass, metal, plastic and wood.  
Double-Sided Heavy Duty Mounting Tape

Promising Review I used this tape to reattach muntins (grid pieces) on my house windows. 3 weeks after application, the muntins are still in place. Good quality” -Doc

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2. This waterproof RV Sealant Tape from Canopus Group is the perfect solution to any leak on your RV. Just cut the tape to the size of your choosing and repair any cracks instantly! The extra thick adhesive layer and UV resistant backing makes sure that your RV is protected from any extreme weather.  

This tape is 4 inches wide and 50 feet long 

Promising Review Tape was recommended by my RV dealer and I reluctantly ordered it. It seemed spendy and maybe "to easy" to actually work. WOW was I pleasantly surprised. Only tool needed is a scissor to cut it to length then pull of the backing and apply to the seam or old cracked caulking and press into place. Just as easy as that. No fuss from trying to speared caulking (usually messy for me) and while it is about $.80 per foot, the ease more than makes up for it. Beginner or not this stuff works.” -Mike 

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    3. For all of our crafters out there, this Canopus Double-Sided Foam Tape is perfect for any craft project you could imagine. It is not only a firm, acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive, but it also features high ultimate bond strength, solvent resistance and has very high shear holding power.  
    double-sided-foam-tapedouble sided foam

    This tape is 0.75 inch wide and 15 feet long 

    Promising Review Amazing product, at an amazing price! This is great for card makers who use foam tape to add dimension to their cards. I use it all the time, so this large roll was perfect for my needs. It also comes with a set of blades for cutting it. But it will tear off when pulled at also. It holds paper products great and I recommend it.” -Gina 

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      4. Canopus Hook and Loop Tape is coated with a high-performance acrylic adhesive and is made to withstand any weather. It is also made to be durable for thousands of closures. It’s the perfect tape to secure just about anything indoors and outdoors. 
      hook and loop tapehook and loop tape
      This tape is 1 inch wide and 10 feet long 

      Promising Review 
      “Couldn’t be happier at how well this tape works! Love that they also give you a box cutter and two razor replacements as an extra gift. Great company to work with.” -Tim 

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        5. One of our favorite tapes is the Canopus Double Sided LED Heavy Duty Tape and we think you will love it too! This waterproof, extra-strong LED tape is great used both indoors and outdoors on motorcycles, cars, RVs, bathrooms, kitchens, windows, driveway signs and much more. 
        double sided heavy duty mounting led tapeheavy duty

        This tape is 9' total length and 0.94" width 

        Promising Review This stuff is like cement! 👍” -Brian

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        6. Do you hate it when your carpet keeps on moving every time you walk over it? Canopus Double-Sided Carpet Tape is the perfect solution to your problem. Easy to install and durable, this tape will not damage your carpet or floor while providing a strong hold.  
        This tape is 2 inches wide and 90 feet long 

        Promising Review
         “Thin tape with good contact. Used on my 16 foot runner and 10 foot area rug. Still have a bit of left over. Would recommend.” -Erin 

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          7. Tape with a bit of magic? Try out Canopus Magnetic Tape with Adhesive Backing to hold anything from screwdrivers and wrenches to kitchen whisks and bottle openers. The adhesive backing doesn’t leave any residue and can stick to almost any surface.  
          magnetic tape
          This tape is 2 inches wide and 10 feet long 

          Promising Reviews
           “This allows easily "hanging" any metal object in various spots: a flashlight in my vehicle under the front dash console, small tools in the basement workshop, making a front magnetized strip on the workbench for nails/screws/washers/nuts, etc. Will hold small, lightweight items well. Good purchase.” -Robert

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