The Secret Formula for Choosing the Best Sound Deadening Material for Your Car

Nothing kills driving comfort more than road noise and the rattles of your car. Unwanted noise is not only a huge distraction while driving, but it is also just plain annoying. You will be surprised at how much quieter your vehicle will become after applying the sound deadening mat.

There are many sound deadening mat brands in the market that you can install in your vehicle, so making sure that you choose the one with the best quality is important.

The sound deadening mat can be installed on your car’s doors, roof, hood, trunk, interior floors and wheel wells. Before applying the sound deadening mat, the surface you will use should be carefully cleaned and degreased. Make sure that the surface is completely dry after cleaning. Then cut the material to the desired size. Before removing the adhesive paper backing, it is best to test fit a piece of the material to the surface that you want to soundproof. The sound deadening material should fully cover the entire surface of the area you are soundproofing. After you have tested the area for the perfect fit, slowly peel off the adhesive paper backing and install the sound deadening mat to your desired surface. The material should be smoothed out with your hands to let out any air bubbles. A roller can also be used to make sure that the foil texture is flattened out completely.  The foil surface should be rolled out until it becomes flat and smooth.

Sound deadening mats should be easy to install. You only need to peel off a backing layer and stick them in place. You can easily trim the mat with an office knife and install it wherever you want in your car with the perfect fit. Installation does not require any nails or screws. You only need to trim, peel, stick and roll. If you desire a more professional installation, you can also remove your car doors or panels to install the sound deadening mats.

Also note that sound deadening mats can be used for a variety of noise-making things around the house such as computers, air conditioners or doors.

While shopping for sound deadening mats, you will run into several products that are made from different materials such as butyl, foam, asphalt or other petroleum products. Butyl mats are superior to other types of materials because they reduce the noise significantly. Butyl is also a super strong material and does not easily tear or smell on hot days when compared to asphalt or other petroleum materials. Butyl also offers super resistance against heat, flexing, aging and abrasion.

It is also important to know that thicker mats are better at absorbing noise and vibrations. Generally speaking, sound deadening mats are either 50 mils, 80 mils or 100 mils thick. It is best to use a thicker mat to better block sound and vibrations.

Some sound deadeners can also function as heat blockers. However, some others might melt and start to smell if they are exposed too much to direct sunlight or a hot engine. These mat’s adhesive might also start to deform. Therefore, it is a wise decision to buy temperature-resistant sound deadeners if you live in an area with hot summers.

It is also important to use a mat which is 100% safe for car application. You should consider that asphalt-based mats often melt and stink in high temperatures. It is also not healthy to breathe in and be exposed to it for a long time. Therefore, it is wise to stay away from butyl-based materials with asphalt undercoating.  There is an extensive list of sound deadening mats which are exported from Russia and Ukraine that are made this way. They belong to the same company and are sold under different brands. You should be aware of them as they are prevalent on the market.

On the market, you can find various sound deadening mats ranging in colors and sizes with different prices. They are sold as rollers or sheets in a box. If it is sold in sheets, the number of sheets that the product comes in also varies. If you buy a mat which comes in sheets, it is easier to cut it and roll it on the floor.

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